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Red and black are back when the Cardinals return to Cardinal Stadium for every one of their home games. Fans from all across the country come to the scenic stadium to see the very best in gridiron action. Every bone-crunching tackle, clutch interception, or a hard drive up the field will be met with roars as the real fans of football celebrate every Cardinals point. Just imagine, you could be right alongside a high-energy capacity crowd as they howl for one of the most popular teams in the league. Whether you want to get up close and personal in field-side seats or if you like to have a view of the entire field, you will be able to enjoy great seats for climactic plays.

Head coach Scott Satterfield wants to see the boys in red and black advance into postseason play and many sportswriters are eager to see if he can work magic with the team during his first season with the program. While some might think he doesn’t have what it takes, Satterfield was chosen to turn things around for the team. He’s already earned more wins this season than Petrino who was fired last November. So already we are seeing that team owners have made the right choice. You can watch the best games in this potential comeback season by ordering tickets to the Cardinals games at Cardinal Stadium.

Your ticket will bring you to the action so you can catch your favorite returning players as they work together with fresh talent to create a roster that will make Louisville proud. The brand new offense and defense may just have what it takes to get the Cards to postseason play and fans have taken notice. Sportswriters are also interested in seeing what brand new leadership will bring to the program making this an exciting time to be a Cardinals fan.

So what are you waiting for, because tickets are flying off the shelves as we speak and once these home game tickets are gone, they are gone for good.

Louisville Cardinals Tickets

Why Satterfield is the Key to Cardinals Success

After last year’s losing season, the University of Louisville knew that something had to be done. On November 11, former head coach, Bobby Petrino, was fired from his position after an embarrassing 2-8 record last season. Lorenzo Ward was placed in the role of interim head coach for the rest of the season finishing with a 2-10 record that placed the team in the last place in the Atlantic Division. The answer that the university found was in Appalachian State head coach Scott Satterfield, who would take over as program head coach.

But why was Satterfield the right choice?

When Satterfield first joined the Appalachian staff in 1998, he worked as the team’s receivers coach. He then went on to mentor running backs from 1999-2002 and quarters from 2002-2008. Satterfield is credited as being a huge part of the university’s transition from power-I to spread-formation offenses, which gave the team a valuable edge in play. This led to his role as primary signal-caller from 2004 to 2009, where he directed a team that was consistently ranked in the top ten in five different NCAA categories. He had then spent a year at the University of Toledo as quarterbacks coach and passing game coordinator which was followed by a two-year stint at Florida International University as offensive coordinator before returning to Appalachia. He was then promoted to head coach following the 2012 season.

His work as head coach led to the team doing well for itself, with a 51-24 win record including a 38-10 conference record. It was clear that Satterfield learned well from his work with teams over his career and would be vital in restoring and strengthening teams. So after Petrino’s failed last season with the Cardinals, Satterfield seemed the obvious choice to replace him. Time will tell if he is the right call, but his record speaks for himself and winning seasons may be in the cards for the University of Louisville.

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This Year’s Predictions May Not Be Correct

After last year’s losing season, the Cardinals were predicted to have a last-place conference finish in 2019. Some sportswriters and fans even came to agree after the first game of the regular season when the Cardinals lost to Notre Dame for a 35-17 finish. But the predictions of failure were turned on their head after the second game of the season when the Cardinals delivered a brutal shutout against the Colonels for a 42-0 win. Suddenly, the Cardinals were seen as a legitimate threat of a team as Satterfield had found some way to connect and push his team to greatness. So fans of the Red and Black were eager to see if the Cardinals could maintain their momentum entering Week 3 of play when they faced off against Western Kentucky.

The cardinals started with a lead into the first quarter and broadened that lead by the half with a 31-7 point lead. While Western Kentucky was finally on the board and scoring points for every quarter of the rest of the game, they just couldn’t catch up leading to a 38-21 Cardinals victory. Florida State then pushed back against the Cardinals the following week. The game resulted in a 24-35 defeat against the Seminoles. Game five turned into a return to form as the Cardinals had a hard-fought battle against the Boston College Eagles that resulted in a narrow 41-39 victory for the Cardinals.

Going into week 6, the Cardinals are now standing at a 3-2 record which leaves the preseason predictions in doubt. The Cardinals under Satterfield can play a great game and its clear that they have the potential to push for a playoff run. But will they manage to overcome last year and make the cut? The best way to find out is to come to Cardinal Stadium and check out their home games.